Bearing Mounted

Bearing Mounted Clutches
Bearing mounted field spool Clutches may be used to couple two rigidly supported in-line shafts. Since the field spool is bearing mounted,the assembly requires no additional fixing,other than to prevent the torque arm turning – caused by light bearing drag. It is crucial however that both shafts be in perfect alignment to ensure correct working of the Clutch. If there is any doubt regarding shaft alignment, the EH version of the Clutch should be used with a flexible coupling incorporated as part of the Clutch.


Sizes A B C
175 50 43 10 BM175 Clutch
250 72 59 14 BM250 Clutch
400 114 84 20 BM400 Clutch
600 152 125 32 BM600 Clutch
800 203 131 40 BM800 Clutch