About Us

Clark Electric Clutch & Controls Ltd., was formed in 1961 as a private company, to manufacture Electro-magnetic Clutches & Brakes. Power Units, a cost effective Tension Control System, and Failsafe Brakes were then added to the product range.

Clark Clutch subsequently became part of the Evergreen Holdings Group before being purchased by its Managing Director in December 2003, reverting to private independent ownership once again.

In 2009 as the result of major illness to the MD & on going health issues, the Company became part of Waystar Holdings Ltd, re-locating to the Rochester address.

Situated in Rochester, Kent, Clark Clutch exports worldwide and has official distributors in most of Europe and as far away as China and South Africa.

We can specify & supply Niika Powder Clutches & Brakes so extending our product range to offer the best solution for your particular application.

Service, Repairs & Overhauls:- We pride ourselves in providing ongoing service for all our products, beyond the initial sale.

All items of our manufacture can be serviced & repaired by us and in many cases, by the customer. We do however, normally suggest, our Clutchbrake units are returned to the factory, due to the nature of their construction and subsequent bench testing requirements.

For each of our individual Clutches & Brakes, we can supply a set of spares, which will provide the minimum number of components to replace all the wear parts of the relative unit. This will normally restore full working performance in the majority of cases.

With over 40 years experience of Electro-magnetic Clutches & Brakes, the company is renowned for providing excellence in Service & Customer Care.

Darren Reavell is available to help & advise with any enquiry you may have.

For very old units or, ones that have been subjected to high cycle rates with long continuous service, advice should be sought as to the best method of restoring full working performance.

All units returned to the factory, are stripped, cleaned and fully inspected for degree of wear. Based on our findings, a quotation is provided for the customer to authorise (or not) work to proceed to restore the unit to full & correct working order.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any aspect of our after sales service.