Power Units & Tension Control

Power Units
We manufacture a range of Power Units to provide a 24 Volt D.C. supply to operate all types of Clutches & Brakes, including the Powder & Hysteresis range.

The Power Unit transforms single or three phase 50 Hz supplies to provide a stable 24 Volt D.C. output or, outputs that may be manually or automatically varied to be used in the control of a Clutch or Brake. This is particularly useful if the application is for tension control.

Tension Control Systems
To provide uniform tension in material being pulled off a stock reel, it is necessary for the torque to be proportional to the diameter of material being wound or unwound. Our cost effective Tension Control System will do this.

With our system, the change in reel diameter (stock or re-wind) is continuously monitored (with a follower arm) and the supply voltage to the unit,increased for rewind (Clutch) or decreased for unwind (Brake) automatically. As torque is directly related to voltage, the performance (torque) of the Clutch or Brake is therefore changed accordingly and proportionately.

In a true tension control application, the only constants are tension in the material being processed and the web speed (throughput) of the material. Our system allows the variables to be handled automatically.