In addition to our standard range of Clutches & Brakes, we design and manufacture bespoke units for specific client requirements, two examples of which are listed below. For more information on our customised units and bespoke designs please contact us on
01634 297408.
Project 1    
A bespoke Clutch/Pulley assembly combined with a fabricated steel framework was developed to provide a
self-contained unit, suitable for fitting directly into the drive chain.


Using this type of arrangement, a two way drive is possible: – to the shaft via the clutch or, from the main shaft via the clutch as required.

The design, fabrication and necessary machining were all carried out in house, by Clark Electric Clutch.

Project 2    
Our specifically designed & engineered Clutches & Brakes can be found in a multitude of industries including manufacture of special agriculture machinery.


A renowned Potato Planter manufacturer uses our custom made clutches. We provide the clutches in kit format and our client carries out the final assembly and the fitting of a sprocket on his production line. Three clutches are fitted to each machine.




Some recent bespoke projects undertaken in 2023