Our product portfolio is made up of a wide range of Clutches, Brakes, Power Units and Failsafe Brakes.





Powder Clutch & Brakes

Power Units & Tension Control

Electro-magnetic Friction Clutches & Brakes:
Manufactured in-house, our range of Electro-magnetic Friction Clutches & Brakes is cost effective, very adaptable and can be customised to suit your requirements. Apart from being suitable for a wide range of general applications, they can be effectively used for tension control, where the product is not over sensitive to tension fluctuations and a high degree of stability and repeatability is not required.

Powder Clutches & Brakes:
Our range of Niika Powder units provide greater degree of control and repeatability and are particularly useful for more sensitive tension control applications.

Hysteresis Clutches & Brakes:
We are an official distributor of the ZF range of Hysteresis units. These are the ultimate in control, refinement, accuracy & repeatability. They are highly recommended for use in tension control applications, typically the processing of fine wires, fibres, tapes, papers, etc.

In addition, we produce a range of Power Units to provide the required 24 Volt D.C. supply for all types of our Clutches & Brakes. These units vary in complexity from simple transforming & rectification of a 240/415 Volt 50Hz supply, providing a basic and stable 24 Volt D.C. output,

to a manual or automatic control of a variable output. The more sophisticated units are particularly suitable for use in tension control applications.

We are able to provide a basic cost effective tension control system, designed and manufactured in house, As well as more refined tension systems, using closed loop electronic controllers and load cells. These systems work particularly well in conjunction with Powder and Hysteresis units giving finite control and fully programmable facilities.

We also offer an extensive repair and overhaul service for all our products and are happy to quote accordingly after inspection of returned units.

All despatches are made using Interlink for a standard next day delivery.